After growing up in a small town in Prince Edward Island in a fishing family, I relocated to Alberta for work, like many Islanders do. After doing so, I quickly noticed how much faster paced and busy the way of life was. I have always loved living by the ocean and the simple life that fishing leads. I also love the how the best seafood in the world was at arms reach whenever I wanted it.

After I moved to Alberta, I started out buying seafood at grocery stores and restaurants, like anyone else would and I immediately noticed it just was not close to what I was used to at home in PEI. The more time I spent in Alberta, I started to wonder why there wasn’t a spot to buy quality seafood. Evan mentioned the same thing after he started working in Alberta, the more we talked about it the more we thought it would be something that a city like Grande Prairie could use. When you grow up eating premium seafood your whole life, you miss it when you are away from home



I grew up in Souris, Prince Edward Island and have always had a love for fishing. Even as a kid, I could not wait to go lobster fishing with my father on Saturdays. This love for the industry turned into a fulltime summer job through high school and university and eventually bloomed into a career of my own after I had completed university. Apart from loving to fish, I love the peace and quiet that comes from working in the ocean on a small boat, just me and a friend, hauling lobster gear and telling jokes. The fresh air and quiet is a nice break from an otherwise hectic world.

Like many other fisherman, in the offseason I would travel to Alberta to work. With a brother already settled in Grande Prairie, it seemed like a great spot to go. We both quickly noticed a lack of quality seafood in the area, both in supermarkets and restaurants, and after a few years of saving and planning we decided to take a shot at bringing the quality seafood we were used to in the Maritimes to Grande Prairie, Alberta. As a family, we have always taken great pride in offering premium quality seafood at great prices and Grand Banks Seafood is no exception from that.