This item list is tentative and will be subject to change. If there are products that requested frequently we will do our best to ship them in.

This is just a list of our raw seafood, we will also be offering a list of products processed in house like:

chowder to go, sandwiches to go, bacon wrapped scallops, packaged crab cakes, crab stuffed mushrooms, stuffed sole, fish kabobs and so on.

        ***subject to change daily

Live Shellfish

-oysters (variety of types) -pei mussels
-soft shell clams

Fresh/Previously frozen fish

-hablibut -haddock -sole -cod

-mackerel -blue fin tuna

Cured Fish

-salt cod
-botteled bar clams -smoked salmon

Other fresh/previously frozen

-Scallops -Squid tubes

Frozen product (vacuumed packed in 1lb lots)

-bar clam meat (raw) -halibut fillets -scallops
-lobster meat

-snow crab meat -blue fin tuna
-breaded bar clams

Other frozen product

-lobster tails
-bar clam tarts
-clams on the half shell -snow crab legs

The shop will also carry a selection of meat and dry goods to compliment the seafood. A large portion of the dry product is going to come from small shops on Prince Edward Island. They are amazing products and we are excited to carry them in our store. Some of the products are:

-barbeque sauce/hot sauce
-black garlic
-snacks (chips/chocolates/caramel corn)